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Conscience Works

IU Conscience Project


Conscience Celebration and Study Guide (PDF 1.6MB)

Rachel and the 7 Bridges of Conscience-berg

Cover (PDF 1K)
Title Page (PDF 74.7K)
Table of Contents (PDF 92.1 K)
The First Bridge: Moral Attachment - Connectedness (PDF 1.3MB)
The Second Bridge: Moral Emotions - Harmony (PDF 531.2K)
The Three Bridges of Worth: Elderworth (PDF 521K)
The Three Bridges of Worth:  Selfworth (PDF 189.1K)
The Three Bridges of Worth:  Otherworth (PDF 145.5K)<b
The Sixth Bridge: Moral Choosing - Autonomy (PDF 197.6K)
The Seventh Bridge: A Conscience Conceived (PDF 123K)
Epilogue (PDF 48K)

The Otters of Conscience-berg (PDF 2.4MB)
Otters Study Guide (PDF 556KB)

Carlotta Learns About Her Medicine (PDF 110K)
Sometimes Y (PDF 5.7MB)
Grandma Grady's Grade-A Gray Day (PDF 716K)

The Lyric of Lafracoth (12-2-08)

A. Title Page (PDF 124KB)
B. Copyright Notice(PDF 8KB)
C. Author's Note and Acknowledgements (PDF 188KB)
D. Dramatis Personae, Acts and Scenes (PDF 72KB)
E. Historical Figures (PDF 112KB)
F. Time Line for Medieval Mind in Ireland (PDF 44KB)
G. Time Line for Lafracoth (PDF 48KB)
H. Moralized Genogram--Lafracoth (PDF 40KB)
I. The Lyric of Lafracoth (PDF 784KB)
J. The Basis for the Lyric of Lafracoth I (PDF 184KB)
K. The Basis for the Lyric of Lafracoth II (PDF 268KB)
L. Bibliography--Lyric of Lafracoth (PDF 120KB