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Conscience Works

IU Conscience Project
Conscience Sensitive Medical Education  (Vol. I no.1 pp1-17, 2002) (PDF 837K)
   Appendix: I.U. Conscience Autobiography for Health Care Professionals (PDF 30K)
Conscience in the Mental Health Professional  (Vol. II no. I pp1-104, 2005) (PDF 458.8K)
   Appendix: Conscience Centered Psychiatric Ethics: A Course (PDF 210.6K)
Trying on the Rings of Glaucon: Conscience Centered Medical Ethics (Vol. II, no. 2 pp1-23, 2005) (PDF 93.5K)
The Conscience Autobiography Completed with Commentary Pertinent to Islam (Vol. II, no. 2, pp 24-63, 2007) (PDF)
Conscience Sensitive Approach to Ethics and Teaching Caring Attitudes (Vol.III, No.1 pp. 6-20 2007) (PDF 196KB)
A Guide to Conscience (Vol.III, no.1 supplement pp. 1-32, 2007) (PDF 508KB)
Invited Address to the Indiana University School of Medicine Class of 2005 (Vol.III no.1, pp.1-5, 2007) (PDF 28KB)
A Conscience Sensitive Approach To Ethics and Teaching Caring Attitudes (preprint paper)
A Conscience Sensitive Approach To Ethics and Teaching Caring Attitudes (presentation)
Strange Bedfellows: Torture and the Medical Professional (PowerPoint)
Demoralization and Harm Prevention Planning (PowerPoint)